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Life’s Lemonade…in adverse conditions

We all know that in order to make the best of a challenging situation, when life gives you lemons, you have a choice to make lemonade. Today my lemonade mindset came from a surprise change in the weather. Earlier in the day, I decided that regardless of how I felt, I was ending my unplanned exercise hiatus. A busy schedule, unpredictable Florida weather and college homework were the reasons I put in front of missing exercise. Today I made up in my mind I was going, tired or not, homework or not and the sunshine was on my side. This evening I laced up my shoes, pulled back my hair and drove to one of my favorite and challenging walking spots.

As a small business consultant in Jacksonville, Florida, you never know what the weather will bring. Anyone who’s ever survived a Florida summer knows the beauty of the beaches, the experience of sweltering heat, and the unpredictability of anything from light showers to intense rain …that falls sideways! Today’s weather brought sunny skies and temperatures in the 90’s. It’s July in Florida. Either you sweat it out or hide in the AC. I choose to sweat it out. As I arrived at my starting point, there were a few unnoticeable clouds. I started walking at a decent stride, feeling good about being outside, and glad I kept my promise to myself! About five minutes in, I felt two drops. The sky was still relatively clear. (Please Lord, hold the rain…inside voice). A little less than half of the way; now it’s a little overcast, I start to walk faster. I decided to keep on going. At about the two-thirds mark, the drop came a little faster. Thinking –it can still stop, it’s just a drizzle. The next thing I know, Iittle drops turn into big drops, which turn into foggy glasses. I could either complain about the rain and keep going until I get back to my car, or thank God it’s not raining sideways (severe weather), and keep going until I finish. I chose the latter.

Although I felt like the Sunshine state was laughing at me today, I FINISHED in the face of adversity. As my clothes spin in the dryer and I wring out my hair, I had to think about how many times as business owners we meet challenging times. Low or no financial resources, lack of customers, lack of support, electronic malfunctions, competitor threats, and just plain old discouragement. I challenge you today that if you’re in a lemon season or in the middle of a thunderstorm, work your way through it! You could go back, but for what? Finish what you started, muddle through hard times and look forward to the finish line. Your future self will thank you for how your former self continued in perseverance.

Did I get drenched? Yes. Am I blow drying my hair before bed? Possibly.

Did I finish my workout with a little adversity? ABSOLUTELY!!! Moral of the story…KEEP IT MOVING!

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